Update: #PlasmaNC is now #CovidNC and covers everything from Beds, Oxygen, Medicines, Tiffin and even Pets – Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad

In the last few days since I started the Delhi NCR Plasma Project #PlasmaNC, I have been working almost 24 hours to help the one in needs. What started as a Plasma resource has turned out to be a resource for everything from Beds, Oxygen, Medicines, Tiffin and even Pet Boardings. So today, I announce the launch of #CovidNC that covers everything from Beds, Oxygen, Medicines, Tiffin and even Pets. It’s the same list for DELHI NCR but now updated with more information so you don’t have to go anywhere.

I’d also like to thank Robin Hood Army for sending across data for Plasma Donors on a regular basis. This helped me focus on other needs and will eventually help expand the list to other cities. For now, I’m adding Bengaluru and Mumbai and starting to collate data for each.

CovidNC - Robin Hood Army

On a personal level, the last week has been traumatizing as half our family both on the paternal and maternal side have been hospitalized. We lost a family member to Covid19 yesterday morning, a young man went too soon.  While we mourn his passing away, we have prayers on our lips as one of our cousins has been on a ventilator for over a week now. It has been a really tough week but at the same time gave me all the reason to do more.

We all have exhausted ourselves and it’s extremely overwhelming for each one of us. I’m mentioning this because I have been getting endless requests for Remidisver, Oxygen, Beds, Oxygen Concentrators and Plasma on SMS, Calls, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. While I try to reply to each one and also check every hour for an update, I feel we all need to do a bit more.

Therefore, I have expanded the list from just Plasma to everything now. Even if I am able to save one life then it will all be worth the effort. So, let’s do this as a team as we are in this together. 

I will also be expanding the list from just Delhi NCR to other cities so if you are willing to contribute or help me collate all the data. Then please leave a comment below, send an email to me@nikhilchawla.com or tweet/Instagram DM to me @nikhilchawla with Hashtags – #CovidNC or #PlasmaNC

Delhi NCR #CovidNC








As always, I look forward to your continued love and support. Let’s all put our best efforts to save some lives. God Bless!

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  1. A R Tripathi

    Make for up as well. We really need help. Ready to support in all kinds

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