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Delhi NCR Plasma Bank Project – @nikhilchawla #PlasmaNC

The last few nights have been nothing but a nightmare for me and my family. Truth be told, it has been scary not just for my family or me but the entire country. And let’s be honest, we all knew it was coming – the Covid-19 wave, but we never anticipated its scale and the horror it will bring along with it this time. Whilst last time the lockdowns, curbs and self adherence kept most of us safe, this time around the negligence and the fatigue to follow Covid-19 protocols is clearly showing. I’m not going to get into what could have been better or how we could have not let it happen. But, instead, I’m going to talk about what we should now – as responsible citizens. Apart from following the obvious protocols – Social Distancing, Wearing a Mask, Washing or Sanitising Hands etc. We need to come forward and help others in any way possible. Be it feeding the voiceless or needy, helping the ones in need or sharing any information that can help others.

Hence, I’m starting this Delhi NCR Plasma Bank Project – @nikhilchawla #PlasmaNC on my social media handles – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. In this project, I have curated a list of people who require plasma and also a list of donors who are ready to give plasma. This list is updated in real-time with data sourced from all my social media streams. At the moment, I’m tracking it manually using the hashtags – Plasma, Plasma Donors, Plasma Required, Delhi Covid and a few others.

Delhi NCR Plasma Bank Project - @nikhilchawla #PlasmaNC

But to make it faster and simpler, I’d urge you all to please tag me @nikhilchawla on all social media platforms and use the hashtag #PlasmaNC. This way I’ll be able to update the data on this sheet even faster and people will be able to reach out to the one in need at the earliest.

8 thoughts on “Delhi NCR Plasma Bank Project – @nikhilchawla #PlasmaNC

  1. Urgent plasma required. Admitted in bansal global hospital blood group O positive. contact person jagdish garg ph 9818358200

    • Thank you for sharing the details, Mr Singhal. I have added them in the list for a Plasma donor to come forward. In the meanwhile, please reach out to the numbers in our list.

  2. Urgent 0+ve plasma required

    Patient Name – Smt Pankaj Gupta

    Patient Age – 58 yrs
    M/F – F
    Address – Admitted in
    Tripathi Hospital
    Noida Uttar Pradesh

    Attendant Name – Akash Kataria, Priyanka Jain
    Attendant Phone Number – 8860682990, 9810024031

    Issue/Disease – Covid Positive

    Request: Need plasma of blood group O+ve of a person who has recovered from covid after Decmber2020.

  3. Urgent plasma required
    Need plazma donor for Renu Jain, preferably B+ group.

    Needed in Shanti Mukund Hospital, Delhi.

    Recovery period should be between 24 January till 7 April, 2021.

    Contact me (SUSHIL JAIN

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